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We'd like to feature you on the Wix Blog...

  • What do you do at Wix?

VP Product, with executive focus on Mobile Apps and mini-Editors (a-la Blog)

  • What was the most "out of the box" (shoe salesman, window cleaner, drill sergeant, animal trainer, etc) job you've had?

During the summer vacation (July) at the age of 10 (?), I delivered "breakfast groceries" to people's doorsteps before they wake up... I would wake up at 4am, get on a van, and travel amongst the rich-and-famous houses of a well-to-do neighborhood.I would hop out of the van, evade the neighborhood dogs who would run loose, race up to the door, and leave a bag with roles, milk, cheese and other groceries (whatever they ordered) at the doorstep.

  • What was the weirdest thing you had to do in that capacity?

Well, besides evading the dogs? To optimize the time-to-doorstep, I would hop off the van before it fully stopped... Once, I lost my balance after the hop, and the van ran over my arm. Amazingly enough, nothing (and I mean - NOTHING) happened to my arm. We even x-rayed it to confirm.Nothing...

  • What was the key career take away from that job?

  • That sleep is great, but highly overrated, and surely not as required as many people think...

(I got along just fine on sleeping 3-4 hours a night... I think I still do. Y-A-W-N)

  • That launching a product too soon (read "hopping off the van too soon") has its hazards (read "the van ran over my arm") - but can help you reach the market sooner... So launching a product too soon is worthwhile considering... But be sure to consider the downsides too. And if you choose to launch sooner, be sure to learn what needs fixing, and fix it sooner rather than later.

  • How did that job or other stations along the way prep you for what you're currently doing at Wix?

  • No sleep? Totally Wix!

  • Launching sooner rather than later (and fixing and improving the whole time)? Totally Wix!

  • Any words of wisdom to share?

  • Surmera. Assetov!

  • Good for work. Good for relationships. Simply good.

  • Always Share.

  • Appreciate what you have while you have it - and not after you miss it.

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