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What's so special about Take-a-Note? (Part 2 of 4)

As I've been playing around with pre-release versions of iOS 8, and saw the hiccups of Take-a-Note, and played around with other applications, I tried to remind myself why do I need TaN? Why can't I use other applications? What am I really missing from (for example) Notes, Reminders and others...

So I started this list:

* Clear indication of items waiting

When managing a todo list, I need to quickly see if (and how many) items need handling.

My notes are not my long-term memory - but my short term memory, which I expect to later convert.

My TaN solution for that was badges on the app...

Any other app _must_ have this.

No compromise.

(Image Below, Take a Note in bottom-right, with a badge...)

(Continued tomorrow...)

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