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[UPDATE] Rule #2 v2: Claim Failure. Blame Success.

As you may recall, in earlier posts, I discussed one the the SurmeraAssetov rules - Claim the Failure; Blame Success - or in simpler words, Taking Blame; Giving Credit.

Well, at one of my Friday morning classes, I noticed that this similar idea appeared (surprize?) in our very own Jewish sources - in the trachtate Brachot (Blessings), on the first side on page 10:

אמר רבי יוחנן משום רבי יוסי בן זמרא: 'כל התולה בזכות עצמו - תולין לו בזכות אחרים, וכל התולה בזכות אחרים - תולין לו בזכות עצמו' [ברכות י.]

Enjoy the insight... Always fun to find an older reference to a newer insight.



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