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The best-ever management and self improvement book! (A click-bait if ever I wrote one.)

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The best-ever management and self improvement book - doesn't exist!?

You see, in my opinion, most such book are based on a one-line idea (or 3 of them) and fluffed up into many (many, many, many) words, wrapped up in some anecdotes and stories, bound in hard-copy - and sold in millions.

So why not create a short blogpost with the one-line and the justification for it?

Think I'm cynical? Think I'm over simplifying?

You may be right.

But at least now I know I'm not alone in this opinion.

Checkout this summary, by Business Insider, 25 Popular Business Books Summarized In One Sentence Each...

(Read the original article as published by Business Insider.)

Business Insider: 25 Famous Business Books

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