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Test Yourself - Are you Making an Impact?

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

Make an Impact! Be Replaceable...

As holidays come-and-go, we tend to do some soul-searching, trying to realize what we're doing good - and what we could be doing better.

We tend to think highly of ourselves.

That's fine. To some extent, even natural.

We believe we are doing a good job (as an employee, as a manager, as a parent, as a student, as a child, as a spouse - you got the point...)

That's ok.

We think nothing needs improving.

That's wrong.

In almost every domain, we can do a better job.

We can - and should - improve.

That was easy...

So assuming we know we need to improve, what more should we be considering?

I'd like to propose the question is Are we Making a Difference?

Let me explain.

The old idiom says "No one is irreplaceable".

Well, it's simple.

Ask yourself this.

If you left your position right now (e.g. at work) - would someone else fill your position? Would you be replaced?

And if you answer "No", then you know you're not making an impact.

Because, if you would be making an impact, you would be missed.

And if you'd be missed, you'd be replaced...

And if you're not replaced, then you're not missed. And if you're not missed, you're not making an impact.

Make an Impact! Be Replaceable...



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