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Take a Leap-of-Faith, One Step at a Time

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

You can not cross the gap without taking a leap of faith.

You can not keep going unless you take one step at a time.

[Following feedback from one of my best critics, I've added a concrete example at the end.]

(c) flickr | Zhao | Leap of Faith

The other day, we had a discussion about making change.

The topic was a how to make a change (lose wait, take up jogging, learn a language) - and make it stay.

The two sides of the discussion were basically "take one small step at a time" or "take a leap of faith".

After lots of give-and-take which I'll spare you, I believe the answer is:

Take a Leap-of-Faith, One Step at a Time

I'll explain:

  • If you only take a leap-of-faith, you risk "biting off more than you can chew", and give up too soon.

  • If you only take one-step-at-a-time, you risk progressing too-little-too-slow, not feel or see any difference, and as a result, give up too soon.

So do both.

Your initial resolution must be made of both parts:

  1. Take a leap of faith, making a larger-than-you-thought-you-can-do commitment, which will get you started down a path when you'll see an immediate difference.

  2. Take one step at a time, making a commitment on a regular-schedule, made of many small steps, that will "nail" in the commitment and keep the change going and growing.

Take a Leap-of-Faith, One Step at a Time

Good Luck!


So if, for example, your change is to start - and continue - running, then:

Decide you're starting to run:

  • Tomorrow (or even now)

  • How many times a week (at least 3 - anything less is too easy to lose the change)

  • And what distance - or how long (less critical - it's a small step - and you can consider increasing the distance - or duration - later.



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