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Quote of the Day: on Hindsight

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

(c) flickr | Tim J Keegan | Black and white hindsight

So, one weekend at lunch, we were talking about how one chooses a profession, the thought process leading to selecting what to study considering what one wants to eventually be doing for the rest of their lives, and one of the opinion was that the choice/selection is related to whether they already have a family or are in a serious relationship.


Another opinion said that "had I know then (when I chose a profession) what I know now (I would have selected based on that knowledge)..." to which another participant retorted (in Hebrew):

לחוכמה שלאחר מעשה קוראים טפשות

In free translation, I'd say this is basically:

Hindsight is another way of saying "stupidity"

or maybe:

Hindsight is a synonym of "stupidity"

Take it or leave it, but think about it...

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