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Don't Do as I Do. Do as I Say! (Part 3 of 4)

So what is the "correct" quote?

Don't Do as I Do. Do as I Say!

or is it:

Don't Do as I Say. Do as I Do!

I then realized that historically speaking, I don't "care" which is the correct quote.

Both are good - they drive a different point.

* Don't Do as I Do. Do as I Say!

Meaning, don't look at me. Listen to me.

I may be acting differently than the way I teach, and while I may have more-or-less valid reasons for doing so (creating a gap between my actions and my lessons), and while the best way to teach people how to act/behave is by behaving that way ourselves, the bottom line is this - I have some reason for not behaving in a specific way.

I hope it's a valid reason - BUT I implore you to behave in a different way (e.g. not repeat my mistakes...)

Easy example: Don't smoke (though you see the teacher smoking).

Tough example: Don't steal (though you see the teacher stealing).

(Tomorrow, final installment about "Don't Do as I Say. Do as I Do!")



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