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"Yeah, but what do I know?" [Part 2]

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

(Continued - part 1 is here...)

And it wasn't only about knowledge (where one may fairly or objectively argue - at least in perspective - that indeed he didn't know everything) - it was also about opinions.

He would/will/does share his opinion or perspective about something (and trust me, he has his opinions), and then downplay it as being "only my opinion, and what do I know?".

I would, could, should, did and do claim he did and does knows everything!

Well, maybe, just maybe - not everything, but surely, alot.

And yet his stance has taught me to doubt, to never accept things for granted, and to always try and understand the other possibilities, other options, other points-of-view.

Be it other opinions, knowledge in general, and even not take for granted what we are fortunate enough to have.

* Don't take anything for granted. Don't wait until you miss it to realize how great it was. Appreciate it while it's there.

* Don't assume you're right. Don't assume others are wrong. Don't assume. Observe. Study. And Learn.

I dare say I should be greatful for that lesson-for-life, that everyone should learn it, and practice it, but hey, what do I know?

Update, June 29th, 2015: When going through my documents, I found this limerick I wrote for Dad's birthday... Very relevant.

Dad - It’s been many years,

Some full of laughter –

and some with some tears.

Let’s get on with the rest,

They can be (y)our best -

If (as always) you do as we (you) please…

So what if my lines don’t all rhyme,

I hardly had any time,

I’ve done what I could -

You’ll do as you should -

That’s kiss me, and thank me - Goodbye!

Your poems reveal a romancer,

The parties will show you’re a dancer.

But what I like most -

(Though I don’t want to boast) -

Where I question - you’ll find an answer.

You’re answers, in value they vary,

Much weight - they don’t always carry…

They sometimes don’t show -

What really you know -

“What Do I Know” is most populary…

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