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"Yeah, but what do I know?" [Part 1]

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

If I have to pin-point the single-most-important-value my Dad has hammered (and is still continuously hammering) into me ever since being a young kid and until now, it has been Soft Skepticism (a term I just invented...).

As young as I remember myself, there would always be a point in the conversation Dad'd tell me "yeah, but what do I know?".

Now, remember - I may have been as young as 4 or 5 when this started.

My father (being My Father) knew (and knows) everything, right?

And being a Professor, he probably knew even more (like, as in "more than everything").

And having his PhD from Yale, and being the chairman of a university department, he like knew more-than-more-than-everything.

And here he is, telling me "yeah, but what do I know?" - duh? what do you mean? you know everything! (see above for justification...)

(To be continued...)

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