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WWTT??? - A Downtown Hotel, The Water Tap/Faucet?

Mid-March 2015 I stayed at a very fancy and beautiful hotel in midtown NYC.

Everything was nice and cool and trendy (and probably quite expensive).

My "WWTT" moment came shortly after I checked-in to the room - I wanted to rinse my face after the long trip.

I headed into the beautifully designed bathroom, went to the sink, turned the valve (which is beautifully located at the tip-of-the-faucet), placed my hands under the tip of the faucet - only the find out the water hole of the faucet is at 15-20 centimeters "down the tube" (images below).

While quite hard to see, the actual water pours our from a hole in the tube, which is VERY near the wall, making it really hard to reach and scoop water, and even spills over the edge of the sink...

If this is not bad enough, then as I was moving my head towards the faucet to scoop the water - the edge of the valve nicely "buried" itself in my face.


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