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WWTT??? Car Seat adjustment lever/handle


You may know this scenario, and may be frustrated by it, as much as I am.

It start with having a car (great!), and having to share it with other drivers (less great).

So far, so good.

Next, imagine some of the drivers are significantly more vertically-challenged than others (in other words - some of the drivers are way shorter than others) - let's call them Tall and Short.

Short drives the car, and adjusts the car seat to his height, so as to comfortably reach the pedals.

Tall wants to drive the car, and needs to re-adjust the seating.

And here's the WWTT moment.

You're Tall, and you're standing outside the car, opened the door and realize the seat is so near the pedals, you can't get in the car.

You can't re-adjust the seat like normal people do, by sitting in, and moving it back.

Ideally, you'd push you foot in, and using it would lift the lever, and apply backward pressure to move the seat back.

Then you can sit it, and complete the adjustment.


But not in some car models.

Look at the drawing.

See [A] - the move forward/back handle - it's unreachable (and trust me, I tried, I am "Tall" in the scenario above...).

Compare that with the sensible car model, the top image - see the [1] seat position adjustment lever. This design makes sense.



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