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WWTT??? iOS 14 Phone Call Banners

With iOS 14, Apple introduced a long-awaited feature of Incoming Call Banners (as part of their Compact UI effort), "that enables users to stay in the context of what they are doing" (quoted from Apple's PR, here).

Now, when you're using your phone, and you get a incoming call, you have the option (on by default) to have the incoming call appear as a banner (instead of overtake your screen with the full screen UI we got used to in the previous 13 versions of iOS).

Great improvement. Love the feature.

But, they also introduced a WWTT moment - what were they thinking???

Checkout what happens as soon as you accept the call (by clicking on the Green "Answer Call" button):

The Red button (initially serving as Decline Call, and once you answered - serving as "Disconnect Call") - moved!

It started on the left - and now moved to the right.

So, a very typical scenario looks like this:

I get a call. I click the Answer button.

Now, I want to turn on the Speaker.

The Speaker button would naturally appear exactly where the Answer button was...

But no... It isn't.

This is where the Disconnect Call button is now.


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