The 2 Top Blockers of Mobile Apps - and how to solve them

(* This post is inspired by me finally playing with Android Instant Apps.)

Whoever knows me, knows I'm a big Apple fan, from the times it wasn't popular to be one.

You also know I carry two phones for the past 5 years - a late model iPhone (currently iPhone 6S), and a late model Android (currently Samsung S8 - one of the most amazing phones e-v-e-r, but that may be a topic for a different blog post).

You also know I'm a big mobile fan - whether mobile-web or mobile-apps - and specifically a great believer in mobile native apps.

But mobile-native-apps have two very (very!) big problems:

  • Discoverability - how will users find your app?

  • The "Installation Barrier" - how will you "convince" them to install your app?

Both Apple and Google have been trying to solve this problem, and there's even a branch of marketing called ASO (like SEO - Search Engine Optimization) - App Store Optimization, to help your app be place higher and be found in the App Stores, and then hopefully installed...