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Wow - 100 Blog Posts!

So, this project started on March 6th, 2014.

Starting to seriously work on the Wix Blog Revamp, I decided to improve my writing skills and start a blog....

I read somewhere that the way to do so was/is to write (at least) 100 words a day, for (at least) 100 days.

I decided to try and do so - and make this my blog.

Initially, I started writing a blog post a day. Every day. I allows myself to cheat, and when the post was longer more than 200 words, I split it to two posts (and if longer than 300 words - it would be 3 posts etc.).

Then, I decdied to only write on works days, 5 days a week.

Then, when I had a big gap, I wrote back-dated posts.

Then, I still had blackout dates.

But, the day has come, and I'm there. January 1, 2015.


This is written as the 98th post - but will be posted at the 100th post (still missing two - but I hope/believe I have their subject ready).

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