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What's so special about Take-a-Note? (Part 4 of 4)

* Notification Center shortcut (widget?)

When managing a todo list, we need to be able to have quick access to the todo list.

One way of doing this is by placing the todo list in the Notifications Center.

Hopefully some apps will use the iOS 8 Widgets API to implement this.

(Willing to compromise on this... Preferably not.)

(Image below. Take a Note in the Notifications Center.)

* Followup on task (email, calendar)

When I eventually review an item on my todo list, I may decide I'm done with it (and want to erase it), move it into my inbox (to remember to handle soon or follow up with the contained links/data) or set an appointment with this later...

So I need to be able to quickly send items to my own email (or a pre-defined email).

Also, I need the option to easily make a Calendar appointment from an item.

(Image below. Take a Note note actions bar.)

* Other features TaN has:

- Optional audio and/or image added to notes

- Adding location to notes

It's hard to find anything as good as TaN...

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