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Tor HaZahav 6 - The Neighbors

I believe we were apartment 11?

Right next to us, we had the Eliyah family, of Lebanese origins.

Lucy and Alber who had two (?) girls, and two boys - Mussa (being 4? years older than me) and Fredy (two years older than I was).

There was also the Shenhav family, Naomi and (?), who had two children - Avigail, just-older than me, and Boaz - 2-3 years younger.

But no doubt, my closest relationship was with the Tovi family, Sonya and Nahum.

At the time, there were Yonatan z"l (a year older) and David - just 27 days older than me, who is now a Haredi Rosh Yeshiva...

There were also Guy and Gabriela (a.k.a Lela).

David was my best friend at the time, and our path crossed a number of times over the years.

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