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Surmera? Assètov? What does this mean? And how does it compare to the Google motto of Do No Evil?


(Seems like "So...." will be my signature opening.)

It's been almost a-day-without-100-words, but I caught myself in just about the last minute.

Today, I'd like a word about the title of this site - Surmera, Assetov.

Many of us have heard of the unofficial Google Motto: Don't Be Evil.

Well, to quote Kind David in the Book of Psalms (and my own personal motto), It's not enough to "not be evil".

One should also strive to do good...

And so comes this title.

Surmera connects together the two Hebrew words for move away from evil - distance yourself from evil - "Sur MeRa".

Assetov connects the two Hebrew words for do good - "Asse Tov".

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