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Lesson Learned from Schmicago (Schmigadoon! season 2)

The other day, I happened to stumble upon the Apple TV series Schmigadoon! - which I found quite enjoyable. An overall happy-fuzzy feeling musical-style program, with song+dance messaging packing numerous oversimplified life-and-living-related messages.

Among them, I found one which I really liked and felt worth sharing:

Happy endings don’t exist But here’s a pearl you may have missed Every day can be a happy beginning.

The message (as I read it) is:

Don't assume you'll have a happy ending. Not everything we do will work out for the best.

No matter your level of optimism (and I'm a great optimist usually, as other posts of mine will show) - you can't count on that.

But - every day can be a happy beginning - a new opportunity to (re)start positively, again.

A 180-degrees change from a super-pessimist message to a super-optimistic one.



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