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Managing a User Feedback Crisis? No News or Bad News?

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

So, it's been 6 months since our annoyed Blog users have been complaining about lack of support for multiple-images (and/or multiple-video etc. - in general - multi-content) blog-posts...

We've handled this in not-the-best way, to say the least.

First, acknowledging the lack of the feature (that's ok), then sharing early designs (not too bad) - then doing nothing in 4 months...

Finally (March 11, '14), we "sacrificed" a high-profile answer (by NirZ) explaining some of what we can improve on, referring to the initial (Oct'13) release of the Blog as a "Beta release", and explaining how we're trying to recruit... How a company of scale sometime has issues etc.

And then, 4 weeks of silence, while the users continue staying frustrated - and uninformed.

This goes against Rule #5 of Surmera Assetov - Bad News are Good. Black Holes are Bad.

Working on getting some answer out there.

Will be drafting some ideas for tomorrow's post.

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