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Got 5 minutes? I want to interest you in a job...

Scenario 1

Imagine the following.

You just landed a great job in a great company (congratulations!).

Your new job expects you to use the technology you want, they offer you the compensation package you hoped for, the correct human environment... it's great!

In the negotiation phase ("courtship"?) you made some compromises, your new employer fulfilled some of your requests, and you agreed on a start date.


The date arrives, and you start working.

And three weeks later, you get a call.

From another place.

Offering you an even-better opportunity.

Can you accept it?

Should you accept it?

Would you answer be different if the offer came after 3 days? After 3 months?

Scenario 1 with a Twist

Now, lets complicate things.

Your direct manager is good friend of yours.

So much so, that you feel comfortable to tell her about your new offer.

Should she convince you to stay?

Should she encourage you to go?

Where does this stop?

Scenario 2

You've been leading a team of professionals in a company, when Joe (one of your colleagues) comes over to discuss a work-related matter.

Joe tells you that Jane, one of your team members, is "just the person" Joe needs on his team.

Joe politely asks your blessing to approach Jane and discuss this opportunity with her.

Should Joe have asked your permission? Why?

Scenario 2 with a Twist

Well, you can't really block Joe from talking with Jane, so you say yes, sure, go ahead.

And Joe offers Jane a position on his team, and Jane accepts.

And three months later, the roles reverse... and you talk to Joe about talking to Jane and talk to Jane about a position on your team...

What should Jane do?

Where does this stop?

You Got the Drift, right?

From these two stories (and I could taint-and-paint them in many more ways), we see an emerging question which is not new...

What is the correct and appropriate relationship between a workplace/team and employee?

Is there a minimum time one is expected to spend at a given role/team/company before it's "ok" to wish to move on?

(I know the history. I won't re-tell it here. Want some history? Google "employer employee relationship".)



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