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Creating a winning Workplace Culture

Netflix created an amazing presentation on Workplace Culture.

You can find it here.

[UPDATE: A version/variation is also available on Netflix' site.]

It's 124 slides, viewed over 16 million times (as of the time of this post... probably more by the time you read this).

It's very readable (should take you no more than 30-40 minutes - a small investment if you want to learn about great workplace culture), and very understandable.

Rumors are that Sheryl Sandberg - Facebook COO - said that this presentation is “the most important document ever to come out of the Valley.”

Based on the presentation, and the feedback/comments, I’d dare say Netflix has created an amazing Workplace Culture.


While I enjoyed the reading, and wrote down some notes, I think they’ve overcomplicated things, by spelling out everything.

I realize that if you want to root out Blue-Chip Corporate Culture, then you probably need to spell out all the things that are ok to do, and all the pitfall to avoid.

But if you need to spell out things in such a detailed way, I think you’re fighting a losing battle.


I know I sometimes oversimplify things.

It's one of my many shortcomings.

I think the presentation is interesting.


Too many details.

Too many examples.

IMO, to make a great company with a great and sustainable culture, you need a much simpler set of values.

Simplify the game plan. And keep it simple.

I believe a great Company Culture can not be achieved by numerous examples of things that are OK to do.

You can’t spell out a rule for every case.

And rules are made to be broken. Don't be stupid about them.

Just be sensible about things. Use common sense.

Why? Because we invest so much money in recruiting top talent.

Both in the recruiting process – and in retaining them.

We trust them to develop the best products in the world.

They must be trusted with the running of the company.

That’s it.

And even this is too long.

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