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Tor HaZahav 6 - the basic layout

My first memory is Gan Devorah (was that the Kindergarten's name? Or was it only the Ganenet's name?), which was to the south-west of our home in Tor HaZahav 6 street, in Hertzliyah, Israel.

When I reminisce about Tor HaZahav, I remember a group of buildings, with a large lawn in between, where all kids of the 3 buildings would play.

My parents at the time had a Citroen (?) - and surely later a Fiat 128 (which will forever be remembered as a piece of junk, costing us much more than a much better car).

The parking space was under the north-east part of the building.

Tor HaZahav 6 - click to see in Google Street View

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