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To do well, you must outdo yourself

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

Is it better to attend a prestigious school?

Is it better to intern at a prestigious firm?

(If you must read a Hebrew translation, you can find it here. I must say I believe the English text flows better.)

And if the answer is "Yes" - why?

Staircase in NYC
Climbing a Staircase in NYC

When searching for an answer, I found that most answers (except for those published by the institutes themselves) point at the amazing Networking the prestigious institutes have, and focus less on the quality of training/education the place offers (it's not that these points were ignored - but they were less emphasized than one would expect).

I'd like to offer an alternate answer.

From listening to people attending such institutes and observing them in the day-to-day (in a casual manner, not scientifically) - I'd like to propose that the most valuable such institutes offer is one of self-improvement.

Since these prestigious places have a reputation to keep, they work hard to do so - and one of the methods they use most - is make you work hard - and then work harder - and then work harder...

And possibly that's the real value of these places - the drive of the institute to prove it's better, makes it make you work extra hard - and so teaches you to work extra hard. To drive yourself to break boundaries you didn't have to before, and possibly didn't think you could.

After you learn you can work harder than you thought, you (hopefully) learn to do so over and over - and believe you can do it - no matter what "it" is.

And you can do things faster, better and using less resources.

And you outdo yourself over and over and over again.

Paving your way for achieving more and more.

Because To Do Well, You Must Outdo Yourself.

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Miembro desconocido
28 oct 2018

A recent episode in Planet Money podcast hosted Naked Statistics book author, and they talk about what causes what - prestigious school predicts success? or the already potentially more successful people simply go to prestigious schools? If you listen through the end they also find an interesting way to answer that question. Listen here:

Me gusta
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