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"There are ten commandments, right?..."

Many years ago, I watched this film.

And in the film was a scene, which I liked and quoted.

Then I forgot what film it was. Then my memory insisted it was Reuben Reuben (IMDB link) - but it wasn't (wonder what Freud would think of this memory? all will be revealed by the end of the post).

I remembered a father telling his son about the ten commandments, and the son being surprised (since the father was no saint), and the father explaining that it's like a test - if you get 8-of-10, you're in good shape...

Well, a month ago I shared this with a colleague at work, and he found the quote...

"There are ten commandments, right? Well, it's like an exam. You get eight out of ten, you're just about top of the class." - Mordecai Richler

But we still didn't have the movie...

Then I searched IMDB for movies by Richler, and started (re)watching them on YouTube...

It was the second movie: Joshua Then and Now (IMDB link)

The scene is basically excatly as I remember it (though slightly funnier).

And though it's not the movie Reuben Reuben - the father's character is named... Reuben.

Not a Freudian slip after all.

Since I couldn't find an edited clip, either click this "youtube time slice link" or watch below and manually skip to 20:15, play throguh 20:40...



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