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The Biggest Lie Ever: I'll do it when the time is right [TOTD Dec/2017]

Fountain in Oslo
Fountain in Oslo


את הדברים שלא נוח לנו לעשות, אי אפשר לעשות רק כשנוח לנו. זה שקר נפוץ שאנחנו נוהגים לשקר לעצמנו...
The things we're uncomfortable doing, we can't do only when we're comfortable. That's leads to the biggest lie we lie to ourselves - "I'll do it when the time is right".

A little longer read:

Sometimes, we need to move outside our comfort zone.

We realize that we're locked into certain behavior patterns which we find undesirable, and in order to unlock these undesirable patterns, we need do certain things we are uncomfortable doing.

Trivial Example 1: we realize that we don't workout enough, and that in order to break this pattern, we must start attending workouts at a Gym. (But now is not the time to join the gym, because...)
Trivial Example 2: we realize that out meal patterns are unhealthy, and that in order lead a healthier life, we should (for example) stop eating rice. (But now is not the time to stop eating rice, because...)

But, there's something in the way. No is not the optimal time. I'm before a vacation. I'm after a vacation. I'm starting a new job. I'm in between jobs.

The excuse list is endless.

We can't wait till the time is right.

You want to make a change? You need move outside your comfort zone.

And the best time - the right time - is NOW!

Good luck!

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