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Rule #7: Sh-t happens; Magic doesn't (Number 7???)

* Just as I thought my product philosophy was solid-rock, we had our Daily meeting.

And in the meeting, we discussed a problem we found a couple of days earlier, and the status update was "the problem was solved. we don't know how, but it was solved".

In return, we asked the person in charge to find out why the problem was solved, since Magic doesn't happen.

If the problems was there, and then it wasn't - either something has changed (in which case we need to know what) or nothing has changed (and the problem is still lurking out there)...

* The partner to Magic doesn't happen is that Sh-t happens... - since Murphy's Law stating Anything that can go wrong will go wrong is especially true for software.

Leaving me with a new candidate for Surmera Assetov: Sh-t happens; Magic Doesn't

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