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Rule #5: Bad News are Good; Black Holes are Bad.

  • Bad News are Good; Black Holes are Bad.

  • Knowing the Cause can help us Improve

  • Convert Gravity to Velocity

  • Transparency

  • “Secrecy is the beginning of Tyranny” (Lazarus Long 1912-?)

As the team grows, whether internally or externally (more team members, or more customers), there's more and more information floating about.

And sharing this information is valuable since information sharing creates relationships.

And people have valuable conclusions to make of the information.

Even Bad Information (a.k.a. as Bad News...)

But unless the information is widely available, to all partners, then it's a Black Hole.

And Black Holes are Bad.

Since then, people waste time on trying to find out information or (worse) people don't find out information.

Which means they can't process it and provide valuable insights.

So spread the news! Any News!

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