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Rule #1: My Home vs. Our Playground

  • My Home vs. Our Playground

  • “Them” is Bad; “Us” is Good

  • “…in a family argument, if it turns out you are right – apologize at once!” (Lazarus Long 1912-?)

  • “Us and Them… And after all, we're only ordinary men” (Roger Waters 1943-, Rick Wright 1943-)

When you are part of a team (even if a one-person show), you may tend to become protective when other projects come too close for comfort.

You may start to think of them as "messing up my home, and in MY home, people MUST play by MY rules".

I propose alternate way of looking at this - as a common Playground, where you own the ball.

You want people to come and play with you. You should be willing to be very flexible...

Just come and play! Just see what a shiny new Basketball I have...

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