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Pearls of Non-Wisdom: Why Exercising is Easy, and Losing Weight is Hard

Exercising in Easy...
Exercising in Easy... | flickr | Pascal [Ill-advised | Single-handed weight lifting not recommended]

What is the reason Exercising is Easy and Losing Weight is hard?

It's quite Simple (and obvious).

In order to start - and continue - exercising, you "only" need to "be strong" once a day, possibly a couple of times a week - and for a short period. Maybe 30 minutes, maybe an hour. But that's it.

On the other hand...

In order to start - and continue - losing weight (or eating healthier, or spending less money), you need to "be strong" 24/7/365 - because the temptation of food (and calories, or junk food) is always around you.

Obvious, no?

A a life-changing commitment is super-hard. An on-going commitment is much easier.

(It almost sounds like a mistake - but I just re-read it. It's not.)

Just set your expectations accordingly, and you won't be surprised.

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