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On Change, and - what is your role?

Change Happens and Will Happen.

Whatever your role in the organization is, select at least one of the following roles in the change:

  • Driving the Change - an active role, and promoting the change, within your domain or across the organization.

  • Being part of the Change - your domain must change too, and you yourself must change.

  • Supporting the Change - it's not your domain, and maybe it's not you - but others need to go through a change - and they'll need support, moral or actual. Be there for them.

PS> This is a side note, since when you're part of an organization, in most cases - it is not for you to oppose the change.

But just to cover all bases - yes, sometimes you must Oppose the Change.

You believe it's wrong. It will make things worse.

So step up - and oppose the change. Speak what's on you mind, propose and alternative - and if needed, take a stand. This usually comes with a cost - and maybe you'll need to quit.

But that's what we're here for. To make a difference. To make a Change. Or oppose it.

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