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My personal insight from a discussion with Don Lindsay - Grass Roots Quality

Don Lindsay

The other day (as in, February 8th, 2015) we had a visit by Don Lindsay at Wix.

Don (who's rich history at Blackberry, Microsoft and Apple you can find in numerous places on the internet and hinted at his LinkedIn profile) was/is in Israel as part of keynoting at the UX Salon conference, and we took the opportunity to meet him.

During a discussion, the issue of Quality was brought up, and we named some people who's "stamp of approval" for quality we trust - as if they are the "council of quality".

And then I though that'd I'd like to reverse the chain-of-responsibility - and came up with Grass Roots Quality (which appears to be a term already, so I'll probably come back to this in the future and change it...)

Grass Roots Quality refers to the concept that I don't think we should have a set of people - quality experts - that are authorized to "approve" something of quality but instead educate EVERYONE to strive for quality, improve quality, etc.

And when the team (or individual) encounters a conflict between quality and timeline - a conflict they don't know how to resolve, that's when the quality experts should help with choosing the best optimization...

[Retrospect] Reading this over a year later, I'd connect the ideas - the Council of Quality would be responsible for mentoring and educating people to quality... And overall growing the culture of quality.

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