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Lollipop... Highly Impressed! (Part 3 of 5)

(Continued from yesterday)

Something that I felt was very well designed, so much so I felt that (device-wise) I could "live" w/o my iPhone and replace it for an Android phone.

And when the Nexus 5 was out, I decided to add to my iPhone a "brother" - and got myself a Nexus 5 - and it's a great device.

But the software left much to be desired...

So I've been carrying both me for the past 10 months or so (Nexus 5 and iPhone 5, recently replaced with iPhone 6), and using both on-and-off (mostly the iPhone, Nexus as backup and for certain tasks, and mostly to learn different aspects of the Android OS).

And it's fine.

(Continued tomorrow...)

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