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I love the Internet! (Somewhat childish, and yet...)

Entermann's Donuts


Wanted donuts. Couldn't find them. Registered to Instacart.

Had them within an hour...


So, here's what happened.

I was travelling to New-York and had to spend the weekend in the city.

I decided to treat myself to one of my vices - Powdered Entermann's donuts. And Glazed ones too.

So every day I checked a number of places to see if they sell them - and either they didn't sell Entermann's donuts at all - or (and I don't know what's worse) they didn't sell the Powdered or Glazed ones.

And then, at almost the last moment before the weekend, I remembered there's a Super Hero - The Internet.

I accessed instacart, checked out their providers - and found out that one of their providers, Best Market, offers the donuts I love!

I was about to place the order (total 13.87$, plus a totally reasonable service fee of 1.39$) when I noticed the delivery fee of 13.99$ - and was about to give up.

But, since I just signed up to Instacart, I got offered a free, 14-day trial of Instacart Express - free, instant deliveries within the hour.

So, long story long, an hour later I had my donuts delivered by Jonathan.

Thank you Instacart. Thank you Best Market. Thank you Jonathan!

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