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WWTT??? Yet another light switch?

(This whole series started with Hotel Room Lighting. And we're closing the circle once again...)

Checked into a very nice hotel room in South Miami Beach.

As usual, the room was too dim for me, so I started looking for light switches, and turned the lights on.

As I was turned the lights on, I noticed that the light above the TV didn't turn on.

I started looking for a way to turn it on, when I finally figured out where the light switch for it was.

It's in visible site in the image above. Can you see it?


Hint? Look on the TV shelf.

Didn't find it?

See the image below...

Nice, right? Elegant? Useless!!!

It may be "smooth", but What Were They Thinking putting this in a hotel room, an environment that by definition is unfamiliar, and the one thing people want is to quickly and easily find the light switch???

What Were They Thinking?


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