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WWTT??? - Shake to Undo??? Part 2

(Continued from Yesterday...)

Excited, he told her "I solved the problem of Undo - I know how we can easily add Undo the iPhone OS, and in a cool great way!"

"How?" asked his manager, slightly excited.

"You know, how the iPhone is like a fun-electronic-drawing-board, effectively a cool-expensive-small-Etch-n-Sketch?"

"Yes", answered the weary manager, bleary-eyed after days (and nights) of staring at screens with numbers and charts and sketches.

"And you remember from you childhood how - when using Etch-n-Sketch - you shake it to erase your drawing?"

"Yes", answered the manager, smiling sheepishly as she reached under her desk and brought out the Etch-n-Sketch she used for doodling when she needed to clear he thoughts.

"Well... well, what if we connected the Accelerometer sensor in the iPhone to the OS - and when as user shakes their phone, they'd effectively be Undoing???

Is this genius or what?"

And so came to be the Shake-to-Undo, causing numerous users to throw their phone out of their hands when shaking-to-undo...

What Were They Thinking???


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