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WWTT??? It's Cold! A Story of an Air Conditioner control panel

The other day we were doing a session in one of our spaces at work, and as the session "warmed up" I noticed many of the attendees started putting on more-and-more clothes... They were freezing!

Evidently, the space was too cold for comfort.

So, we went in search of the Air Conditioner controller, and checked the temperature.

Indeed, it showed 24 degrees celsius (a.k.a as centigrade, and for you Fahrenheit-fans, it's 75 degrees).

So, we bumped up the temperature to 27 degrees celsius (~81 degrees Fahrenheit), which should be warmed enough.

Fast-forward 20 minutes - and people are still freezing...

I rechecked the controller - and took a picture:

Indeed, it showed 27 - but things did not improve.

We tried many things - until we finally decided to ask the local resident expert (read: someone who spends a lot of their time in the space we worked in :-)

They immediately said: "Sure... The air conditioner is off... You need to to not-only set the temperature, but also to turn it on."

So we went back to the controller, click the top-right button - got the "I'm on" indicator (see image below), and presently the temperature became pleasant.

See the difference? The tiny indication difference?

  • Couldn't they improve the Product so that when changing the temperature, it will change the on/off state? (*** UPDATE: You know this kind of behavior from TV remotes - basically, clicking any button on a TV remote, turns the TV on ***)

  • And if the Product/Implementation for that was/is too complex, couldn't the make a red/green indicator?


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