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What Were They Thinking??? Water Dispenser

Morning. Arriving at work. Setup computer. Go to kitchen.


Coffee machine out-of-order.

Need to go old-school - two tablespoons of sugar, 3/4 tablespoon Taster's Choice, hot water, stir, add some milk - and voila - coffee...

Take cup, add ingredients - walk over to the hot/cold water machine - but they changed it overnight.

It's no longer the simple one with two buttons - one for cold and one for hot - or even the one before that with 3 buttons - cold, hot, lukewarm - this one has 4 buttons!

I immediately figured out 2 - hot (left side, with vapor drawn on it), cold (right side, with a snowflake drawn on it).

I tried the third (for the fun of it - the one in the middle, with bubbles in and out of the glass) - got soda water. Cool!

But WWTT? What is the 4th button - the one on the top? The key saying "Hot"?

No matter - let's get our coffee and get out of here...

Pressed the one with vapor (bottom left) - and got nothing...

Is the machine broken?

Maybe it's the Key saying Hot? Pressed it. Nothing happens.

Is it broke? Give up?

One more try - let's again try the cup-with-vapor.

Surprise! Hot water comes streaming out of the machine.

What happened? I tried this a minute ago and it didn't work.

What changed?

Well, it seems like the machine has a safety mechanism, to prevent mistaken presses of the the hot-water request (cup-with-vapor) - and the mechanism if to first press the key/hot button - and then quickly press the cup-with-vapor button...

Great feature - but why not make it more obvious? Add some indication connecting the two buttons?

What Were They Thinking?

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