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Two Self-Hacks anyone can do!

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Some of us are Smart. Some of us are Smarter.

Some of us are Beautiful. Some of us are even more Beautiful.

Some of us have Talent. Some of us have more Talent.

Either way, that's nothing to be proud of. And it's nothing to be ashamed of.

Because we were born that way. We did nothing to be proud of. We actually did less-than-nothing to get.

It came with our genes.

And yet, there are two hacks we all can-and-should apply.

I'll start with the trivial one.

1. You are given a set of gifts (talents, smarts, looks, etc.) when you were born.

While you deserve no credit or blame for the gifts you got (or didn't), you do deserve credit for how you use the gifts you got...

Make the most of them. Use them to improve your environment.

2. A behavior is something we develop. It has external impacts, but ultimately, we choose how to behave.

And we can choose to be kind, optimistic, and friendly.

Or not.

Be good.

You were born with your talents. You choose how to use them. You choose your behavior.

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