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Thursday Testing of "How to Go From Working 60 Hours a Week to 40 By Sending 2 Emails a Week&qu


*** Here's what was completed this week ***

  1. Started working on a 3-month tentative plan for the Mobile Apps team, focusing on priorities and completion. The team and I use a shared google-doc to track/update/finetune. NOT DONE YET....

  2. Had a kickoff meeting of Wix Product Academy. The team raised the following concerns (inline - my POV):

  3. Don't want a "guild day" - too much time... ==> I am planning on a 2-3 hour session (tops), per-week

  4. What about "PM onboarding"? How does this help? ==> helps, and this will serve as basis.

  5. Product Academy is sharing a google-doc we're using to collect topics, and plan to start scheduling next week...

  6. The Ukrainian team arrived and started working with the Blog team. We have a first demo up-and-running, and still one more week of joint work in Israel, before they go back to continue working in the Ukraine.

*** Open Issues ***

  1. Need to scale the Mobile Apps team faster, but have a space issue, plus a challenge regarding placement of programmer to implement the Builder eTPA. Working with NirZ on first point, with YanivEH on second point.

That is all for now. Have a great weekend.

— Reuven


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