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The Before and After of The Domino Effect

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

The Dominos are Falling!

I assume we've all enjoyed one of these amazing videos, prepared by people sharing with us the excitement of triggering a domino effect - you knock the first domino (or whatever contraption you use) - and then - an amazing "story" unfolds as one element knocks the next element into action - one wow after the other, and after some time - we're all done...

But - what happened before the first domino was knocked over?

Do you realize how many hours (days?) the team worked to set up one domino after the other? how many parts failed by mistakingly knocking over a domino, that knocked another one over, etc.? Not to mention the long time of planning the effects, and how the effects come along together?

I'll state the obvious "common sense":

⇒ Before every achievement there is so much work done. Planning. Preparation. Execution. FAILURES!. And more Planning. And more Preparation. And more. And more. And eventually - with a lot of determination - the work "comes together".

So the Domino Effect is amazing. Justifiably so. Just don't forget the investment BEFORE the Domino Effect.

And what happened after the final domino fell?

Yes, of course there's happiness, and joy, and celebration and toasting and partying.

All justified and well-earned.

Can you imagine the MESS the team faced? All of those dominoes need collecting, sorting, packing...

Lots of work.

I'll state the obvious "common sense":

⇒ After every achievement there is yet again more work to be done. Your work doesn't end once you're reached your goal.

Enjoy the moment. Celebrate the achievement. Breath. And now - get on with your life. Prepare for your next achievement.

Thoughts? Feedback? LMK.

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