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Product Hands-on Lab (a.k.a Product Kitchen)

May is slipping away, June is getting near - and I haven't progressed on this idea.

What is it I want to achieve? What are the goals?

  1. Strengthen Member/Guild Bonds

  2. Increased Guild Perceived Value

  3. Enhance Cooperation between Guild Members

  4. ​Improve Quality of Product Process

The trick is to "nail" #4 - the improve the quality of the product process.

Once we achieve that, the first three will follow.

The method I was thinking of using was the follows...

  • Pick 4-5 PMs

  • Pick one of {present a small problem to all | each brings a small problem | each brings a solved problem}

  • Each takes 15 minutes to analyze the problem and present approach to product

Will refine Sunday?

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