Portraits over the Years...

I've noticed I digitized a number of pictures of me over the years, and decided this is fair blog-post material...

I'll show the image, and below it, tell it's story.

Picture #1


This is based on my most-common digital portrait (story to follow).

Israel Roth, my very-talented firned and coleugue for many years took it from one of my profiles, and used it as a basis for his drawing.

Even I identified myself in the result... Thanks Israel!

Picture #2

This was taken at Yoel's Erev Bar Mitzvah at YBAR on February 26th, 2009, and I considered using this as my profile photo for a while...

I quickly moved away from it.

Original image below (taken by Celi):

Picture #3

This is an easy one.

To celebrate Celi's Nth (significant) birthday, we took a cruise to the Bahamas, and on one of the charterred islands, I wend Scuba-diving.

Celi took my picture shortly after we got out of the water, and from that image I cropped out yet-another-attempt at a profile photo.

Original image below (February 28th, 2009):

Picture #4 - The All Time Winner

The all-time-winner... Been used on any opportunity I can, as my profile photo (at least as of September 9th, 2014).

This is a cropped-image, taken by my Mother (thanks Mom!) at Eilat, on April 21, 2008.

That year, Mom decided she'd take us all (well, those of us in Israel) to Eilat for the Seder, and we decided to extend the stay.

The full picture is below:

Picture #5

I believe this picture too was taken during the "infamous" trip to the Bahamas...

Original image below (February 18th, 2009, by Innocent Bystander):

Picture #6

This picture (taken at Mini Israel, on June 16th, 2004 by Tamar or Yoel) was a good one, so it was also used for a while.

Below is the original:

Picture #7