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Nice UX touch by Google Chrome for iOS

The other day I noticed a nice touch by Chrome.

As I was reviewing a Google Hangout chat, I got a message containing a link to some article.

As I clicked the link, Hangout asked me what browser I'd like to use to read the link - Safari or Chrome.

I chose Chrome, and Chrome was launched and navigated to the link.

As I was reading the article, I noticed that the regular "Back" button/link showed Hangouts - and then realized I also saaw this in Pushbullet/Chrom - realizing this a nice Chrome feature.

Not surprisingly, clicking the "Back" link (which changed to Hangouts or Pushbullet apprpriately, took me back to the relevant application from which I came, significantly smoothing the app-use-and-link-browsing experience.

(I checked this for Safari... Didn't work.)

Images below...


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