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Lessons Learned from the Army - and Impact to The Startup Nation, Part 2 of 2

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

So, what have I learned?

  • There's always a higher hill to climb - there's that phase in the army hike, you think you're done. You'e almost there. You can see the skyline. Or the lights. And you continue pushing on - and you conquer the hill - only to find your marching orders have changed, and there's one more hill to climb. Well, tough. That's army life. And the startup life is no different.

  • There's always an extra mile to walk - you better be here for the long haul... Take a long breath - we've got a long march ahead of us. And when you think you're there, you might be there - and the lights you see may indeed be your camp lights, and the march will be over. But they may not be your camp lights (at night it's really hard to know), and even if they are, your board - oops, I meant your CO - may decide the hike is not done. So be ready.

  • There's always one more thing we can do... Even if you have nothing, planned, you can always go on a hike or jog... I'm mentioning this, since many time I would hear from friends in the Armored Corps ["Shirion"] , that they were resting since they exhausted all of there allotted engine hours ["Sh'ot Ma'noa"]. Well, in Infantry - there's always another exercise we could do.

  • There's always room for one more person. No matter how tight space is in your tent, when it rains, and the tent leaks (and it will leak), people will squeeze in, and it's fine - it's good for bonding and building trust. And in the hard days to come, trust is what will hold the unit together. And the same is true for your team. So plan for co-location - have different disciplines share the space and sit together. Your team will improve as a result, and the team work will improve significantly. Co-Location - there's a reason why the whole platoon sleeps together...

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