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It's all in the Presentation - The Chocolate Chip Cookies!

A couple of months ago, Tamar prepared Chocolate Chip cookies for Shabbat (sometimes she bakes cakes, this time it was cookies).

As I was tasting them, I felt they were tasty in a different way.

So I call out to Tamar to tell her how much I enjoy them.

Me: "Tamar, you baked these cookies?"

Tamar: "Yes..."

Me: "I gotta tell you - there different than usual..."

Tamar (intruppting me): "...yes. I know. I know. I put in too much salt and spoiled the whole batch".

Seems like I was the only one in the family to enjoy.

So come Sunday, I packed them all to take to work.

Tamar and Celi jumped: "What are you doing? no one will eat them"

"Trust me", I said - "they'll be gone within 10 minutes of me sending the email".

I arrived at work, placed them in the kitchen.

And sent the following mail:

"Home made Lightly-Salted-Chocolate-Chip cookies".

Indeed, they were gone within 10 minutes - and people made the special effort to stop by and tell me how much they enjoyed this fascinating variant of a regular Chocolate-Chip cookie.

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