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I always carry two mobile phones...


My phone died. My other phone wasn't with me. Nothing revived the phone.

After a couple of hours, trying every trick I knew, I googled, found a solution on the web - and it worked.

Having a backup phone is great! But only if you have it :-)

Full Story:

I always carry two mobile phones.

An iPhone and Android.

An iPhone X and Samsung S8.

I do it to know what is considered by over 90% of world population to be the best mobile OS.

I always carry two phones - but this time I didn't.

As we left our home, I realized that with all the excitement I left my Samsung at home.

I told myself it doesn't matter. And then it did.

My phone went dead.

Nothing I tried could revive it.

It wouldn't boot, and wouldn't reset, and none of the tricks I had learned over the years to revive iPhones helped.

Wow. I felt lost.

Cause I always carry two phone. And this time I didn't.

Finally, after a couple of hours, google proposed a solution.

I tried it - and it worked.

My phone worked again.

So, if you have a spare phone, be sure to have your spare phone with you...

And if not, be sure to google frequently.

Below, a picture I had NOT taken with my phone, since it was a brick...



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