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Apple faults, again? iOS 8 Keyboard Extensions (Part 2 of 2)

(Continued from yesterday)

1. It started with Swype's issue - but I would expect Apple to block this...

That is, Swype moved the location of the "Switch Keyboard" key (globe).

While I blame Swype for doing this, it's that Apple "allowed" such a gap in it's APIs, and Apple reviewers that allowed that let this glaring mishap to slip through QA.

Minus One (-1) for Apple (and Swype).

2. Then, I decided the Swype/SwiftKey swipe keyboard extensions were good enough for me. I'll use it.

(And while unfortunately none of the keyboard supported Hebrew, I decided the English support was good enough, so I'll disable the built-in English keyboard, and toggle between the built-in Hebrew keyboard and one of the swipe-keyboard-extensions.

Next thing I know... I'm in trouble.

That's because as soon as I had to type a password somewhere, Apple - ever trying to protect my privacy (Plus One +1 for Apple), disable the keyboard extension (still +1) BUT left me w/o an English keyboard.

So what am I to do? leave the built-in English keyboard to get in my way of daily use (having to toggle between 3 keyboards...), just for the times I need to type in a password?

Minus Two (-2) for Apple...

UPDATE: As of January 2015, using iOS 8.1, I believe Apple has fixed this second point...

See below two images - the first showing I have only the Hebrew and Swype keyboard installed - and then (once the authentication request pops up, the Swype keyboard disappears - and instead I have an English keyboard).


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