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Take-a-Note: Deep Linking & "un-select blinking", Part 2

(Continued from March 31st, 2014)

My thought was to push the Notes List (table/master) view and the Note Details (detail) view - but actually I failed to simulate this - since when going back from detail to master - I wouldn't get the "un-select blink" Apple usually does.

I later found out all of my assumptions are wrong :-)

So I'll have to update later.

How was I wrong?

1. Even regular (non-deep-linking) doesn't "un-select blink" for me, which may be related to the use of Swipe Cell 3rd party sample code.

Under investigation.

2. Even Apple's Mail app doesn't "un-select blink" when deep-linked into emails.

So, the saga continues...

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