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Sherwin Family - 2014 Summer Vacation (August 18th - 22nd)

It's the week of August 25th, and I'm out of excuses... Got to get back to writing.

(For the record, it took me five days to complete, and covers more-than-500-words-worth, so I'm posting for the whole week... I could have split this, but I want[ed] it to be a multi-content blog post.)

The week of August 17th was a relaxing week, vacationing with the family in Moshav Ramot (img Ramot), on the western part of the Golan Heights, over-looking the Sea of Galilee, what Israelis commonly call "The Kineret".

It's was really fun, a combination of leisure and lightweight hiking.

We started on Monday (August 18th) hiking the eastern part of Mount Careml, at Nahal Rakefet, leading up to the Muhraka - the Carmelites Monastery.

It was a 3-4 KM, 5 hour hike, mostly uphill, but overall very nice.

As you can see from the image, it's not a round-hike, meaning you need two cars to complete it (or to hitch one way...)

From there we went on the Zimmer in Moshav Ramot, for a dip in the pool, early dinner at The Bikta ("The Hut") restaurant and quiet evening.

The next day (Tuesday 19th) we drove up to the Banias, a.k.a. Lower Nahal Hermon , hiked the area to the source of the Banias, and Yoel and I walked back to get the cars - a pleasant 20 minutes 2KM walk... You can see mme posing under the sign :-)

We drove back to Ramot, rested a little and out to dinner at Zigel, in Aniam, and back to sleep in Ramot.

Wednesday (August 20th) was the Attractions Day!

A bike ride around (what's left of) the Hula Lake (a 2-hour journey in scorching sun and drenching sweat) - an 8.5 KM ride, a short rest and on to FunRzr at Sde Eliezr, where we took a guided 90 minute Rzr ride from Sde Eliezer to the Jordan "river" and back - true fun, great value for time and money.

Back to Ramot, where all we wanted was Pizza delivery - but that was a no-can-do... eventually Celi and Yoel took an adventurous ride to Givat Yoav (and back) to bring Pizza.

And then it was Thursday (August 21st) when we leisurely travelled to the Meshushim Pool...

A 20 minute hike down, 1 hour at the pool, 30 minute hike back - over all condensed fun.

And back to Ramot.

At the evening we went to the fabulously-located, famously-praised Roberg at Livnim.

Friday morning (August 22nd) we packed and drove to the western side of the Kineret do some "water sports" at Halom Olami, where Tamar, Yoel, Yonatan and myself had a 20 minute fun ride on an inflated raft dragged by a speed boat (Celi & Tsippi rode the boat and took the pictures :-).

Then, we split with Yoel driving home Tsippi & Yonatan (Tamar accompanied Yoel for the ride home...).

The amazing part was that Tamar & Yoel - who detoured via Kiryat Bialik - got home only 25 minutes after Celi and myself.

Go figure.

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